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In the summer of 2007, while planning to build a new home for myself, I was invited to attend a meeting to explore the formation of a Green building committee for the Greater Columbia Home Builders Association.  The builder heading up the meeting had discovered some new way of building, vastly more energy efficient, considerably more environmentally friendly, and generally a more superior product compared with standard building technology.  Well, I had been complaining about my power bills, and I was going to build a house this year, better check it out.  

Wow, what I learned that day, although not completely understood, was certainly eye opening.  Houses really could be built more efficiently, built to be more comfortable, and to consume considerably less energy, and in a way to help preserve the environment.  And most eye opening, it wasn't going to take a huge pile of money to be able to accomplish this task.  Even I might be able to afford it.

The Green building committee became Green Building Council of Greater Columbia, and through some strange set of circumstances, I became its chairman.  I decided to attempt the construction of my own "Green residence".  I and the family have since moved in and are enjoying it greatly. . Through the process I've learned my path to Green, become more educated about green, and have graduated to becoming a past chairman of the council (which is a good thing since capable hands are in charge),  and learned about an exciting approach to designing and building superior homes.
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