About Our Company

Square One Design Service was founded in 1991 with a focus on custom residential design.  Through our experience in working with homeowners and builders we have gained valuable insights which allow us to take buyer's needs and ideas and transform them into efficiently built homes which are within the purchaser's budget.  Now we are taking the best of our design ideas and developing a group of plans to serve a wider clientele at a lower cost per plan. 

The homes you find at our site are based on:

Previous home show winners

Popular speculative designs

One of a kind client homes

     They all feature the efficient design and material usage that keep builders competitive, as well as the space, features, and street appeal that buyers demand.

    As you look through our collection, most of the homes are brick, but they can be modified to suit the exterior treatment of your choice.  Shown as side entry, garages can be changed to the front for narrow lots.  We can "flip-flop"a plan, placing the garage on either the left or right side to correspond with the slope of the land (usually the garage goes on the higher side for less steps into the house). 

    Foundations are designed for crawl space construction with dimensional lumber, but we can modify for a slab, or basement if you prefer.  Acquisto cialis 5 mg prezzo online. Plans are drawn to feature low maintenance materials in the cornice (vinyl or aluminum), and the construction details are for the southeastern US where we follow the International Residential Building code.  Your architectural board may require modifications for your community, and the codes may be different in your location.


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