Custom Design

Custom design services are available for the local Columbia, South Carolina area.  This two-step process involves a preliminary phase where clients needs, site issues and building costs are addressed, before actual working drawings are begun.  The rate for new construction plans is $1.00 per square foot under roof.  Rates for remodeling and additions are by project.  

Everybody asks:  Where is all that great custom stuff that you do? I never see it on the website? I guess it's about time I put some of that work on also since it really is the bulk of my business. Below are some examples.  I'll try to add some more....

One more word about why custom design is the bulk of my business... I know you've been on the internet and looked at thousands of home plans by now.  Some are almost right, some have the right kitchen, one has the right bath, another has a good exterior. If the right one was there you'd have found it.  What my clients do is bring me their ideas, pictures, needs, wish list, and lot and I listen to them tell me what they want.  I call it "sponge day", where I soak up all of that stuff.  Then I put it all together as a big sketch, combining all of the needs of the client, the lot, views, setbacks, budget, structural considerations, all that stuff into one solution that makes the perfect home.  I'm not perfect; I don't get it all on the first pass, but we get close. By the second one we're closer. Usually close enough to show it to a builder or two to find out a rough guess at the construction cost.  They will want to know about the finish quality, how nice the home will be, things like how much granite, hardwood, tile, your appliance level and stuff like that.  Then they can give you a rough idea about pricing.  That tells us if we got it right or not.  If I draw you the perfect home for $150,000 over your budget I didn't do you any favors.  We have to get it to fit your budget.  That's why we do the sketches, that's why people choose custom plans.  Don't trust your designer to tell you what the home may or may not cost.  Get that from the guy who has to deliver the goods.  I have redrawn many plans for people who relied on advice from an Architect or designer on how much it should cost.  There is no need to pay for something this expensive more that once.  Get your potential builder involved early.  

After you, me, the builder and the budget are on the same page, now I can draw you a house!  We'll know how big it is, how much I have to charge you, and that you can make it work on your budget.  After you give your builder your final plans, he  can figure your exact price.  You can make selection changes like window bids, cabinet prices, and flooring and trim selections to further adjust your price and keep it right on target.  See as much product and get your prices locked in as much as you can.  It will keep you from going over budget later.  

Change your mind about anything in your plan? That's okay too.  Everybody changes something or other.  More can lights, move the appliances around, add a wall oven, that's normal.  We just go back in to the computer, change it, and print out that page. No extra charge.  One extra note: in the interest of saving paper print costs and the environment  my current policy is to print you one set of original plans that you use to make copies from.  Don't run off and make 7 or 8 sets!  Make a couple for bids, choose your contractor, make your plan changes, then make all the sets.  You'll save trees and significant bucks too.  We also do a lot of pdf files that you can email and print in smaller versions.  That saves lots of paper and bucks too.


Contact us by phone at (803) 957 0445 or Email us at Square One to get started.





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