Benedict College CommunityRevitalization
Benedict College Home Renovations

Square One Design is proud to be a part of  the Benedict College neighborhood revitalization team.  This project takes older and unused housing in the area around the college and renovates them, effectively restoring the neighborhood in appearance as well as in community.  The rehab project list is now up to eleven homes and we will give you updates here as they progress.

2308 Haskell Avenue

Job Complete see photos here

2317 Haskell Ave. 

Job complete see photos here

 2002 RCA Award winner!

2400 Laurel Street 

Job Complete see photos here

2317 Laurel St. Park ADMIN Bldg.

Job complete see Photos here

2400 Haskell Police Substation Bldg

Under construction see photos here

2316 Laurel Street
2300 Haskell Ave. 2301 Haskell Ave.

2412 Laurel St.

2512 Laurel St.

1705 Heidt Street

2305 Richland Street

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