What Plans Include

Plans can be ordered as sets of blueline copies, 7 sets, or as reproducible sepias so you can make changes and run as many copies as you need.  Our plans will include:
Floor Plans:  1/4"=1'-0" with framing dimension and electrical layout.
Elevations:  1/4"=1'-0" all sides so you can see details and measure rafter lengths.
Roof Plan & Ceiling Joists Layout:  Ceiling joists are drawn in so your contractor can estimate length and quantity.
Floor Systems:  1/4"=1'-0" drawn so you can see quantity and size of members.  Plywood layouts are included.  Note:  all Square One plans are designed to make efficient use of existing lumber lengths (10', 12', 14', etc.)
Foundation Plans:  1/4"=1'-0" pier and curtain wall construction.  We use 8"x16" solid filled blocks for piers but you can substitute brick.  Basements can be block or poured wall construction.
Cabinet & Stair Details:  Use ours for site built cabinets.   If you use factory built units, they will supply their own layout and design.
Wall & Section Detail:   Conforms to southeastern region of United States.
    No heating and A/C layouts are provided.  Your supplier will size your system based on your region and preferences.  You can choose from many options:  gas or heat pump, split system or zoned system.

Special Note:  We are not architects.  We are residential designers.   Square One Plan Service carries no architectural or engineering seal.  We recommend conferring with your contractor to ensure that our plans meet or exceed local requirements.  You may require an architectural or engineering seal for your project.




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